pre-flight checks

What exactly is a Pre-Flight check? Pre-Flight is checking your supplied files to make sure they are ready to print.


Without carefully going over your files and running thorough checks, there may be a chance that something could go wrong and mistakes will be missed. You can be assured that we’re looking to catch problems and help you fix them before any printing begins.

When we receive your files we check to ensure:

The trim size specifications match the print order. For example, if you’re ordering a DL flyer we will make sure your supplied file matches the correct dimensions.


The files are properly set up with the correct amount of bleed. If the pages are not set up correctly, images or text could get cut off when trimming the job to size.


All fonts, graphics, and other inserted elements are properly embedded into the PDF. If we receive a file that contains fonts that we don’t have, the job may not print correctly


Color elements are saved in CMYK color mode. Most graphical programs have the RGB setting as the default. Printing is a four-color (full-color) process. Make sure you’re using CMYK.


If we do notice errors on your files...

We will notify you and ask that your files be submitted again with the necessary corrections made. If required, 1Print can convert your files to a print ready format for a small fee. Some of our products do include converting your files to a press ready format. Please contact us for further information.


Terms & Conditions

1Print go to great measures to ensure your files are print ready - however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the person supplying the files to ensure they are in accordance with 1Print file guidelines. 1Print does not accept responsibility if a job is printed faulty due to supplied files setup incorrectly. Pre-flight does not include checking / correcting spelling errors.

the proofing process

Prior to printing, 1Print will send you a PDF proof*. We ask that you check this proof thoroughly before we proceed to printing.


If you have a colour critical job we suggest you order a hard copy proof. Click here for more information.


* PDF proofs are sent for all 1Print jobs excluding business cards - business card proofs can be organised when specifically requested.

free setup

1Print offer free setup on some of our products. Free setup includes setting up basic print ready artwork based on your existing branding (supplied logo, text, photos etc.)
Free setup does not include creating new logo's or creating complex imagery. If you are unsure of what you require falls under our free setup terms, please call or email us at

converting files to a press ready format

We understand that not everyone can supply 100% press ready artwork, see 1Print file guidelines. If required, 1Print can convert your supplied files for a small fee. On selected products we offer this service free of charge.


For more information Call 1300 327 471 or email