Colour Critical

Our experienced print operators take extra measures to ensure colour integrity is maintained on every job. If you have a colour critical job and want a clear approximation of what your finished job will look like, we suggest ordering a hard copy proof.


Looking at hard proofs also has the added benefit of helping you anticipate what the screen can't display. This means you'll have fewer surprises as a result of your experience.


Please Note: Our proofs represent the colour of your supplied file on either a coated or uncoated paper, providing a close approximation of how your finished job will print. They do not however allow for every variation in stock ink-absorbtion or stock whiteness.


If you want to ensure your job will print accurately, please refer to our file guidelines for tips and print specifications.

How to order a proof

To order your hard copy proof, add your chosen product to your shopping cart. Once you are in your shopping cart, you can then select a High resolution hard copy proof. Alternatively, you can order your hard copy proof by emailing us at


We will send your proof to you in the mail and wait for your confirmation before we proceed with the final product.


For more information Call 1300 327 471 or email