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Why you should never Underestimate the Power of Posters

As technology advances there are so many ways to get your message out there. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t underestimate old fashioned methods of promotion.

Online platforms are a cost effective way to make your business known to a wide audience, but with so much information circling around, your business can get lost in the chatter.

In this type of environment, going back to more traditional forms of advertising like posters can give your business the boost it needs to stand out. In this blog we are going to tell you why printing posters is the ultimate step in creating exposure.

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It is human nature to observe and take in the world around us . When at a bus stop or walking down a familiar street, people are likely to pay more attention to new visual elements in the environments (like posters). While they are waiting around they might look up your business and check out what you have to offer.


Repeatedly exposing your target audience to your advertising with fixed media like a poster also helps to build brand recognition and familiarity.


The best thing about using posters is that you can put them almost anywhere and, you can put as many as you want up. The more the merrier.

You can reach a lot of people with a strategically placed poster. If placed right, it can also create familiarity with the right people. If your target audience is students, you can put your posters up near a university. They will see your posters regularly and will start to remember your business.


Your poster can be as big or as small as you want. If desired, you can have smaller posters for bulletin boards or lampposts and bigger versions for shopfronts, sidewalks and near train stations.

The way in which you use colour, design and text can also have a remarkably positive effect. Using humour or something visibly pleasing will draw more people to your poster.

Posters are also a cost-effective way to create awareness. They are kinder to your budget than booking an ad on radio or TV and have the potential to give you great exposure.

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