Why You Should Always Carry A Notepad  

As inhabitants of the digital age, it’s easy to rely solely on digital tools in our day-to-day lives. Yet there are lots of reasons to still use traditional writing and communication instruments, such as a notepad. In this week’s blog, we share three reasons why you should always carry a notepad.  


1) Easy to Jot Down Ideas 

The first reason why you should always carry a notepad is because of their primary function: they’re an easy way to quickly jot down ideas, to-do lists and other things you need to remember. It’s also great to have it in written form so you can hand it to someone if needed. Research also reveals that notetaking by hand is more effective for your memory than typing.  

2) A Platform For Your Imagination 

The next benefit of a notepad is that it can be a platform for your imagination. You can doodle on your notebook or create more detailed sketches. It’s the perfect medium to get those creative juices flowing. This is perfect for entrepreneurs and those wanting to work on their creativity.  

3) Birthplace of Brilliant Ideas 

Notepads provide the fertile soil to plant those creative seeds. Although you can plant those seeds on a technological device, such as your computer or phone, what’s nice about the notepad is that it is completely isolated from this extra noise, allowing you to produce something organic and unique.  

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