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The Ultimate Print-Ready Checklist

As most of our work heads towards the digital realm, chances are, most of us aren’t thinking about the printed product. But this is important, as the quality of your printing will have the biggest effect on your promotional materials. So in this week’s article, we’ve put together the ultimate print-ready checklist for your documents, so that you’re always prepared.

print ready


For print, everything should be at least 300PPI (pixels per inch). For all your graphics, we recommend getting onto vector graphics, rather than raster graphics. This means that your digital artwork will be the correct dimensions already. If vector isn’t available, you can measure the dimensions by dividing the width of your artwork by the width of your chosen print size. Just note- PPI refers to the resolution of the artwork, while DPI (Dots Per Inch) refers to the resolution settings of the printer. These terms sometimes get mixed up.

Choose CMYK

For a print ready colour mode, CMYK is the only way to go. You can convert your digital designs from RGB to CMYK via most software, and it’s best to do so from the very beginning for artwork intended for print. This is because converting between colour modes can change the colours slightly, and CMYK often has a more limited selection of colours.

Bleed marks

Bleed marks refer to the boundaries of your design- for print, the colour should extend beyond the bleed marks to ensure it’s adequately covered, with no white margin. Of course, it depends on what you’re after with your design, but bleed marks are the only way to ensure that your design isn’t abruptly cut off in the printing process.

Use PDFs

For our last point, we recommend that you convert your print documents to PDFs. This is because distortions can occur across different operating systems when dealing with large bodies of text. So the best thing to do is to ensure that your document will appear the same on every computer and through every printer by converting it to PDF.

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