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The power of promotional products 

In our digital age, it can be easy to dismiss traditional marketing tactics. However, there is merit in tradition. And one particular marketing technique which has reaped great rewards is the promotional product. In this week’s blog, we look at why promotional products are a great marketing tool.  

fridge magnet

1) Invoke a sense of brand loyalty 

The first benefit of promotional products is that they invoke a sense of brand loyalty. Key to success of any business is developing a strong rapport with your clientele. Everyone loves a free gift and therefore, promotional products are a great way to develop the relationship with your clients.  

In fact, studies have shown that giving a gift to your client increases the chances of this same client returning to you over other competitors. Promotional products are therefore great for creating brand loyalty. 

2) Leads to strong customer retention 

By consistently validating and showing how much you appreciate your clients through fits, you are more likely to retain these customers. This will also save you money as it is more costly to attract a new customer than it is to keep existing one. Time and money should therefore always be dedicated to your existing clients to ensure they remain an avid user of your product or service. 

3) Boosts “cost per impressions” 

The final benefit of the promotional product is that it is typically passed along from person to person, increasing brand exposure. A classic promotional product is the pen. If you borrow someone else’s pen that has your brand name on it, or vice versa, you too, will find out about this company. Promotional products are hence a great way to get your message and brand seen by more people.  

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