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How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Networking can be a tough task, but it’s definitely easier when you have effective business cards. Despite the move to digital, physically handing someone your card can be a significant gesture that may guarantee work somewhere down the line. However, you want to make sure your business cards are the kind that stand out. In this week’s article, we’ll be giving you some handy tips and tricks to make yours extra special.

business card

Consider paper weight

Sure, it’s tempting to go for quantity over quality when it comes to business cards. However, this tends to mean that the paper weight you’re using slips down on the importance scale. Studies have shown that the weight of paper that you use for business cards actually has an effect on how compelling they are to potential clients or collaborators.

Personality is key

Have you ever left a networking event with a wallet stuffed full of business cards? Chances are, a week later you’ll have forgotten the majority of the people who gave you those cards. That’s why it’s so important to ensure yours is special to you! Add in an element that shows your personality and clearly expresses your personal brand and purpose. This will be sure to boost your chances of success.

Move beyond the expected

Once you’ve considered how to add in your personal touch, think about creating a business card that falls outside the realm of the regular business card. This could mean changing up the size, the shape, the paper’s texture, the colour, details such as embossing… the list goes on and on! Business cards that are either visually appealing (or disturbing) will definitely make an impact.

Whatever happens, it truly comes down to your personality when networking. But business cards can be an important tool to help remind that person of who you are, later down the track. 1Print create high quality business cards that are sure to stand out from the crowd. Get in touch by calling 1300 327 471 for more information today.