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How to Give your Print Marketing a Luxury Feel

Print marketing is an incredibly effective tool when used correctly, which is why time and money needs to be invested into it to achieve the best possible result. Studies have shown that consumers better engage with print materials they perceive to be of high value, and that they hold onto these materials for longer. In this blog, we share a few ways you can make your print marketing more luxurious in order to grab and hold your audience’s attention.

print marketing

Choose high-quality paper stock

A high-quality paper stock can make all the difference to the look and feel of your print marketing products and it’s probably one of the first things your readers will notice. Give your print marketing tactile appeal with thick, textured paper stocks or go for something visually striking like glossy photo-quality stock.

Use special effects to leave an impression

Give your print marketing a unique touch with special effects like die cuts, foil stamps and embossing. For example, a die cut can be used to transform a postcard, flyer or business card into a shape representative of your business’ main product or service, while foil stamps and embossing (especially when the two effects are combined) will give your print marketing an eye-catching, luxurious look that stands out from the crowd.

Pay attention to binding

If you’re producing more content heavy print marketing products such as large booklets or company documents, you’ll need to invest in quality binding. Coil or wire-o binding will make your marketing look more professional and keeps better, encouraging your readers to hold onto your marketing materials.

Utilise unique coatings

By printing your marketing materials on waxy coated paper (either shiny or matte), you will not only be giving your print marketing a more elegant look, but also helping to protect against damage and scuffmarks. Aqueous coating is a thin, clear coating perfect for brochures, presentation folders and magazine covers as it deters dirt and finger prints. Soft touch coating is a fantastic choice for when you want to give your marketing materials a soft, velvety feel.

By infusing your print marketing with a touch of luxury, you will better catch the attention of your readers and solidify your brand image. 1Print offer a wide range of online printing services with customisable paper grades, effects and finishes.