Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes

Postcards are a great way to boost brand exposure, either through direct mail marketing or through encouraging people to send them on to their friends. Postcards will get more attention than regular letters as they tend to be posted less often and can be more design focused, and therefore more eye-catching. However, there are a few things to be wary of when designing a postcard marketing campaign. Read on for some common postcard marketing mistakes you should avoid. 


Poor targeting

The first thing you need to do when constructing a postcard campaign is consolidate your mailing list and make sure your brand, products and/or services are relevant to your intended recipients. For example, if you run a children’s clothing store, it’s pointless sending out postcards to an area populated mostly by young singles.

Bad timing

The timing of your postcard delivery will affect whether it gets read or not, so try to avoid Monday and Friday deliveries and instead aim for midweek deliveries, are recipients are likely to pay more attention to their mail around this time.

Going for the hard sell

Postcard marketing is better for boosting brand awareness rather than directly selling products or services. Keep the tone of your postcard warm, friendly and personal and direct recipients to view your website or sign up to a loyalty program rather than going for a hard sell.

Including too much information

Given the size of postcards, you should only include information that is absolutely necessary. Keep sentences short and sweet and try to only promote one thing per postcard. If more information is needed, direct your audience to somewhere else (e.g. online, by phone, or in store) where they can get it.

Ignoring design features

It’s important to make your postcard design stand out to prevent it from being thrown away with catalogues and other promotional mail. Ensure your design has relevant, eye-catching images, appropriate, legible fonts, and make sure it isn’t too cluttered. A quality paper stock will make all the difference too.

By avoiding these common postcard marketing mistakes, you’ll be able to put your business on the path to success. If you want some high-quality postcards printed for your business campaign, 1Print is your first point of call. 1Print offer a range of online printing services, including professional postcard printing, and will make sure your marketing materials stand out from the crowd.