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Business Card Etiquette: When And How To Hand Them Out

For those who have had business cards for a while, the concept of networking and distributing them is a no-brainer. But for those who are new to the process, it can all seem a bit confusing. Who do you give them to? And how exactly do you go about it? Today, we’re helping you out with some top tips on business card etiquette.


Don’t hand it out to everyone

It might seem like the best idea at first: handing out 100 business cards equals 100 calls, right?

In reality, handing out your business card to everyone in sight is just a costly way to annoy people. Instead, think of business cards as a supplement to networking rather than advertising. What you’re doing is giving people your contact details after speaking to them – not trying to advertise.

A good rule of thumb is to only hand out your business card if the person you’re speaking to asks for a way to contact you.


Give them something to remember

During your networking session, you might have a great conversation with someone who could take you places. It’s important to have them remember you, but how exactly do you guarantee they’ll look at your business card in a fortnight and know who you are?

Before handing out your card, quickly jot down a few things you discussed, or why they should contact you (as long as it’s relevant). Write on a free space on the card so that when they look at it in the future, they’ll remember what a great conversation you had. This immediately separates you from all the others who might have handed out their cards, too.


Keep your cards in good condition

Your business cards are a reflection of your business and you as a person. Handing out a card that is creased, dirty, or ripped sets a negative impression straight away. Instead, aim to keep your cards in a protective case that is easily accessible at all times.

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