4 Trends for the Print Industry in 2018 

The future of the print industry is changing rapidly. And 2018 will showcase some of these key changes and innovations. In this week’s blog, we look at the top five trends for the print industry in 2018. 


1) Rise of multi-function printers 

The first major disruption we’ll see in 2018 is the rise of multi-function printers (MFPs). Smart MFPs will help small to medium-sized business improve their efficiency and productivity. This will therefore benefit not only the manufacturer but also the user.  

2) Predictive analytics at the forefront 

While big data is not new to the print industry, 2018 will see leading vendors implement more advanced predictive analytics. A range of techniques will be used to their products and services, including: data mining, modelling and artificial intelligence. 

3) Advancements in voice recognition emerging 

Although virtual voice assistants for printers are in their early stages of development, concepts have become available from Nuance and Sharp. Nuance’s Voice Biometrics strong voice authentication. The appliance and technology company, Sharp, also recently announced a virtual assistant that connects Amazon Echo devices to the enterprise. 

4) New differentiator: machine learning models for cybersecurity  

The final disruptor we’ll see in 2018 is more investment in machine learning to better protect print devices. Due to printers becoming more connected, they are also now more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, protecting today’s complex print environment can be challenging. The key defense against such attacks is authentication and intrusion detection. Although, these methods do not solve all print security issues. Machine learning algorithms and anomaly detection will therefore play a massive role this year in print security. 

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