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How to Give your Print Marketing a Luxury Feel

Print marketing is an incredibly effective tool when used correctly, which is why time and money needs to be invested into it to achieve the best possible result. Studies have shown that consumers better engage with print materials they perceive to be of high value, and that they hold onto these materials for longer. In this blog, we share a few ways you can make your print marketing more luxurious in order to grab and hold your audience’s attention.

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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Print Design

Choosing a font for a print project can be extremely challenging if you don’t have any design experience or have mostly worked on digital projects in the past. The font you choose can have a major impact on the success of your project, and in some cases it is a defining factor in whether your target audience engage with your key message. Here are 4 handy tips to help you choose the right font for your next print project. View Post

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4 Easy Steps to Presentation Folders Which Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether you are providing information to investors at an important meeting, pitching a product or passing on marketing materials to a potential client, professionally printed presentation folders can act as a vital aid to communicating your message. Today, we walk you through 4 key steps to creating presentation folders that will wow your audience and help your information hit home.

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The Print Prep Checklist

If you’re not in the design industry, preparing a document for a commercial print run can be a daunting prospect. Whilst it’s relatively easy to design and publish in the digital sphere, preparing a design for print requires both technical knowledge and precision. Although most printers are more than happy to assist you as part of their services, in order to have complete creative control over the final draft of the document and to minimise edits, it’s best if you learn how to do these things yourself. This week, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the seven key elements (software, colour, layout, images, text, export and finishing) you need to know about to create and edit a document that’s ready to be sent off to the printers.

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